Welcome to GeoAIR Lab!


GeoAIR Lab (Geospatial Artificial Intelligence Research and Visualization Laboratory) , directed by Dr. Liping Yang at University of New Mexico, is a research lab aimed to develop novel and cutting-edge Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI) methods and applications, by leveraging GIScience, remote sensing, computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, graph theory, computational geometry, and big data (geo)visualization.

GeoAIR Lab Research Scope

Research scope from technical perspective

The diagram below illustrates the major research scope of GeoAIR Lab from technical perspective.


Research scope from domain perspective

Smart cities are getting smarter, but many challenges remain. Cities are surrounded with big data and wrapped in cyber-physical environments. Sensors and actuators are around us everywhere, from video cameras, environment sensing, remote sensing, traffic sensing, smart meters, vehicles, to the mobile phones we all carry. These are big and fast data. These data can be used to extract actionable insights where GeoAI will shine.

Sample research domain problems where GeoAIR Lab focuses upon include:

    • Intelligent indoor mapping and navigation
    • Intelligent infrastructure management, including (natural) disaster and emergency¬† management, water resources monitoring and management
    • Visualization¬† of (geospatial) big data for efficient and effective insight generation